anomeriafolegandrosA village without squares that is consisted of a main road and scattered houses with big yards right and left of the road. The mountainous Ano Meria is the productive power of the island. Each house has around domesticated animals, "bostania" (=small gardens), floors (for grain collection fruits) and other places that use each family to be self-sufficient. You can visit the village by car or on foot and see two old windmills, lemon-houses (=circular structure around the lemon trees for protection from the wind), the "themonies"(stone buildings and auxiliary spaces that contribute to self-sufficienty of each family) which has every house and definitely try our traditional spaghetti ("matsata") with fresh meat in tomato sauce of your choice in one of the taverns of the village.

ekklisiesfolegandrosThe island has over of 80 small churches and chapels scattered built in all the parts of the island. Most have been built by individuals in honor of saint who helped them in some trouble. Each family has undertaken the care of each church and so they keep clean her all the time. Also , is arranged and many festivals of the saints with a variety of local treats and local music.

aspropountafolegandrosIs located just before the beach Livadaki over the sea and is consisted of the lighthouse and a small building inside which was lingered the guard of the lighthouse. Today the lighthouse works with solar energy and is not necessary to have someone there permanently. You can see the lighthouse passing by boat below going to Livadaki beach or going from San Nikolas to Livadaki by foot , though the distance is long enough. (at least 1,5h)

sunsetfolegandrosOur island has a gorgeous sunset which the visitor can admire from two parties. Whether in the area of the terminal bus stop in Ano Meria , either at the end of the snake shape street of the monastery of Panagia just before the courtyard of the temple.

xorafolegandrosThe houses of the island's capital have been built around of her medieval castle. Previously, the inhabitants of the island to protect themselves from the attacks of the pirates and others enemies built their houses joined one another on the edge of the cliff above the sea in the north side of the island. And the entrance to this settlement was achieved from two portals were located on the opposite side. Small single room-lime houses one over the other with small yards, narrow cobbled streets embroidered with "dames" ( white bonders of stones), small chapels and the effusive breeze of a dangerous and far-off era are the basic characteristics of our castle. According to the architectural structure of the castle have been built and the others houses around of it.

Is one of the most famous unexplored caves in Greece. It is located on the northeast side of the island close to the sea. The visitor can see the cave doing with our boats a tour around the island. There is not access in the area by land , until now, but only one dangerous small path that some locals know. Note that if there are strong winds neither the boat can approach in the region. On the walls of the cave were found inscribed ancient names dating back to the 4th century. The young men that visited the island , they came for a ceremony of majority. In the cave, also, have found bones and objects that have been linked to legends who described the cave as a hideout of the island's inhabitants in cases of pirate attacks. The cave has been researched over a length of 300 metres and then the cave is divided into small chambers that largely have not researched so the actual length of the cave remains unknown.

The museum is among the first houses of Ano Meria. It is a traditional complex of four buildings of the 19th and early 20th century with all the auxiliary spaces used by a local family to be autonomous and to have that need for her food and for her clothing. The visitor can see the traditional clothing of the locals, a traditional oven, the winepress grapes which produce wine, the cylinder with which purred olives and made oil and the furnishing and home decoration from an old era. The most important is the description of a daily day of the island's inhabitants in conjunction with objects which adorn the museum.

panagiafolegandrosIs located almost on the top of a large rock at the edge of Chora. It built on the ruins of an ancient temple, parts of him is attached to the walls of the church. Today is officiated such a church but had the structure of monastery for nuns. It is located in a wonderful location and inside to the church is hosted the silver image of the virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, who according to myth was stolen by pirates and returned to the island with miraculous way. The image during the Easter passes from all the houses of the island and from the boats to blessed them.

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