During the summer months, many festivals are organized as part of religious festivals. So, on July 27, we have the feast of St. Panteleimon, on August 6 the feast of Christ and on August 15 the celebration and the feast of the Assumption. The naval group Folegandros organizes races every summer and a celebration for the friends of the group. Also, within the framework of the cultural program of the municipality, concerts, theatrical performances, screenings and exhibitions of painting or photography are organized. Beautiful music nights are usually organized when there is a full moon. It should be noted that the traditional festivals of the island serve local snacks, Folegandrite wine and tsipouro while musically the evening is covered by local organ players.

At Easter every corner of the island is spotless and whitewashed, and everyone is waiting for the procession of the image of the Virgin Mary to begin throughout the island. This custom of ours makes our Easter special and gives duration to the joy of Lambri. On Easter Sunday, the procession of the icon begins from house to house in Chora and ends at the entrance of the Village, from where the faithful and the priest walk to the icon in the central church of Ano Meria where a vigil is held. Note that the entry of the image in the castle is accompanied by a number of sparklers. On Monday, the priest and the faithful walk around the icon in the village, entering each house to receive the blessing of the Virgin Mary. At the end of the day, the image is taken inside the castle, to a church where vigils are held again. On Tuesday, the image reaches the most remote settlements, passing through the mountains in Livadi and the port where it enters all the vessels to bless the owners and their travels. He then enters a boat which, followed by the rest of the ships in the harbor - always accompanied by the faithful - travels a short route to the blessing of the waters. Finally, she is always walking back to her monastery where she remains. Throughout the procession of the image in the houses of the island, the drink, the local delicacies and the fun are not missing from anywhere. The doors of the houses are open and the owners invite the people who accompany the picture to enter the house to give their wishes and to be treated to the rich tables prepared by the housewives, especially for these days.

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