agiosgeorgiosfolegandrosSan Georgios is located at the almost northernmost tip of the island. San Georgios is a beach with sand, thin pebbles and has a small harbor where fishing boats dock. There is a road for cars after the end of the village of Ano Meria –the most part is earth road- that leads to the beach (around 20 min). There is, also, a path that is indicated by sign post some meters before the end of the village. Going to the beach with car, someone can stop to swim in the small beach of Lygaria where is located just before San Georgio.

folegandrosagiosnikolaosSan Nikolas is located after the beach of Galifos and in distance of 25 min from Agali. The access is achieved either by foot either by small boats that depart daily from the small port of Agali all day long (the distance with the boat is reduced to 5 min. The beach of San Nikolas is covered by small pebbles and sand and has trees for shade. There are, in the area, two restaurants.

agkalifolegandrosAt a distance of 3,5km from the town (Chora) on the south side of the island is located one of the most beautiful beaches of Folegandros, Agali (otherwise Deep bay). The beach is covered by sand and small pebbles and the bottom is half sandy. In Agali someone can arrive with its own vehicle or with the bus. There is, also, from there access in other bays.

ampelifolegandrosAmpeli is a very small beach with small pebbles and is located in southwest side of the island. After the end of the village of Ano Meria there is a road –at a percentage earth road- that someone arrives by car as the beach (around 15-20 min), walking this distance is harder because of the steep ascents.

folegandroskatergoCatergo is not visible from the port but is located in a close distance from it. The access is achieved by boat from the port (around 15 min) or with a path that starts from the beach of Livadi (around 40 min). The beach is covered by small pebbles and has not shade. Note that the path that leads in the beach requires attention.

folegandrosxohlidiaChochlidia is a beach with big pebbles and trees and is located at the port of karavostasis. In the region, there are taverns and cafes where the visitor can take a break from his bath.

folegandrosfiraFira is a small beach to the left of Agali with pebbles from which the sun disappears in the late afternoon. The access to Fira is achieved only by foot from a path which begins from Agali or from another path which begins shortly after the village of Chora but the distance is increased in about 50 min of walking.

galufosfolegandrosGalifos is located right of Agali and in distance of 10 min from her. It is a small beach with big pebbles.

folegandroslivadakiLivadaki is located southwest and this beach mark out the wild beauty of the place. Is covered by pebbles and on the sides there are smooth rocks, above of them the swimmers can enjoy the sun. In Livadaki someone can arrive either taking the small boat from Agali(around 15 min), either walking out from a path that starts after the terminal bus stop in Ano Meria (around 50 min).

folegandroslivadiLivadi is located in distance of 1,2km from the port and somebody can be reached there following by car a side street that is located on the right side of the main road going from Chora to the port of karavostasis. The beach is pretty great in extent, is covered by sand and small pebbles. There is, also, there the camping of the island.

serfiotikofolegandrosSerfiotiko is a beach that someone reaches only via a footpath that begins shortly before the end of Ano Meria.

folegandrosvardiaVardia is a sandy beach which is located behind the port to the left if someone followed the route from Chora to the port. There, somebody can arrive very easy descending a path and a ladder with total distance of about 100m.

folegandrosvoreinaThe beach of Voreina is located outside of Chora at a distance of about 7 min from her. When someone arrive with car or with bus in the point of the main street which indicate by the sign post should descend on foot a path as the sea for 25 min approximately. The beach is small, is covered by small pebble and sand and the visitor, there, can admire the green rocks of the island.

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